How to Winterize Your Home

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How to Winterize Your Home

Plumbing & Heating Winter Tips

At the risk of stating the obvious, temperatures have a nasty habit of dropping considerably in the winter, which means your plumbing & heating pipes are at risk of freezing, which in turn can result in burst pipes and hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage being done. In order to minimize this, try to get your pipes a jacket of insulation. You can buy foam tubes from any hardware stores. Cut the foam to the length required, open and wrap it around your pipes. Some come with a self-adhesive edge, however, don’t worry if you can’t find this type, duct or gaffer tape will work just as good.Plumbing & Heating Jersey City NJ

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When your taps or faucets freeze
When possible, leave the doors of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets open, this will allow warmer to get to your pipes. When the temperature really drops, run water from your taps every day, this should only be a trickle. Make sure to heat all the rooms in your home and try not to leave any rooms cold. By allowing heat to circulate throughout your home, it should, in theory, reduce the chances of your pipes from freezing.

Plumbing & Heating in Jersey City NJShould you suffer from a cracked or burst pipe
The first thing you will need to do is switch your water off from the main shut-off valve or stopcock, by doing this, it will ensure you have no problems when the ice starts to melt. Keep your taps and faucets open to relieve pressure as the ice starts to melt. Use a hair dryer or a heat gun to try to thaw the frozen pipework out. NEVER use blow torches or open flames as this will mean the pipes will just crack like an egg.


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Should you notice that your central heating is making noises which it doesn’t normally make, call in a professional to check it out. Make sure you stay safe and warm this winter with your plumbing because trying to find a plumber in an emergency that is available is almost impossible. For all your plumbing & heating needs, please contact United Plumbing & Heating Jersey City in Jersey City, NJ today on (201) 416-0382.

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