Always Wondered How Plastic Pipes Were Joined Together?

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Always Wondered How Plastic Pipes Were Joined Together?

When Will a Plumbing & Heating Specialist Use Electrofusion?

Electrofusion is a way to join plastic plumbing, this method uses heat to soften and melt pipes, which in turn causes them to fuse together to one solid joint. This means the joint is extremely strong, resistant to leaks and corrosion. Every reputable plumbing & heating contractor uses this on various job sites, however, this does greatly depend on their experience and the requirements of the job. Personnel must have training in this in order to do it safely and properly.

With electrofusion, pipes are full of heating elements which are activated when current has been passed through them. This heat causes them to melt, the user can oversee the electrofusion process using a control box, which has been set for the size and thickness of the pipes in question. This can be done very fast, more so with skilled personnel at the helm so to speak.

With electrofusion, pipes are secured to make sure they will not move, these clamps are left on until the joint has cooled and solidified, after which they will be removed without worrying about any loss of joint integrity. It is crucial the pipes are not jostled or touched while they are cooling, as this will interfere with the integrity of the joint by straining the plastic and weaken the joints.

Plumbing & HeatingHDPE and MDPE plastic can be joined using electrofusion. This is a plastic welding process that does not need any torches or such equipment. Safety issues also include current, which makes it important to ground pipes, so they need to be covered while working on them, and personnel in the vicinity need to be informed that there is live electricity be used. It is possible for fumes to be generated, some can be harmful to humans. Working in ventilated area will address this issue.

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